About Us

Our Story

We specialise in getting the best quality kitchen equipment for our clients.

We run our own restaurants as well, and understand the hassle of finding suitable equipment to equip your place with. Zetsu was created to aid our fellow restaurateurs out on that aspect.

With our experiences, we are also able to help should you require any assistance with your F&B enquiries.

Our Values

We believe in going the extra mile, beyond simply supplying kitchen equipment to you. We assist clients to get exactly what they need, rather than upsell other products which they would not use. We would only recommend an equipment to you if it will improve your processes.

Reliable Products

We believe in supplying products that are of good quality, and we use the equipments that we supply at our F&B establishments as well.

Deeply Committed

We go beyond just being a supplier, by assisting our clients to the best of our ability whenever they need help.

Highly Skilled

With our experiences as restaurateurs, we are able to provide valuable insights for our clients.